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Protecting children, lives and wealth

Divorce is emotionally draining and stressful for everyone and it’s even more complicated when there are children involved. The sooner it ends with a fair settlement the sooner you can all move on and rebuild your lives.

As it stands today, the process of resolving your position and finalising a fair conclusion is too uncertain, too long, too heart-breaking, and too stressful for you and your family.

Divorce does not need to be as stressful or slow as it often is, and outcomes don’t have to be uncertain. This is why we created Justice For All: Divorce Relief.


the divorce
process —

The path to a fair settlement becomes clearer if you break the divorce process down to its fundamentals avoiding pointless and confusing jargon, and ensure the work is undertaken by the right skill set .

For example, understanding both parties’ true financial position is crucial for a fair financial settlement, but it is a task that requires highly skilled analytical experts, not lawyers. With the right team, it can be done quickly, efficiently and transparently regardless of unusual complexities in any given situation.

Many divorces, including complex ones, can and should be sorted more quickly through mediation than through an uncertain and costly court process. Mediation  allows you some flexibility in engineering the final outcome for you and your children. It means you don’t have to live with the final judgement of the court, a judgement you may not agree with or like.


We have the skills
to fix a broken system —

Challenging the status quo and striving for better solutions is in our DNA at Justice For All. Never more than when we sense a broken system like divorce which can be heart-breaking, costly and often creates injustice in the form of an unfair settlement. Learn more about our founder and why we started Divorce Relief in his letter.

Our background distinguishes us: first class financial skills combined with tenacity from cutting our teeth in the entrepreneurial world where you don’t take no for an answer. We combine this with an innate ability to find creative solutions. We will not be bullied, and nor will you.


If you like what you read please contact us at, even if you are just looking for a bit of guidance. As fair-minded people, if we can help we will and if not we will point you in the right direction. Divorce can be so emotionally debilitating, and we could save you many months, possibly years, of stress and wasted money.