I’m Brad Rosser
and this is my story.


My name is Brad Rosser and I have founded the Justice For All Group.

My ambition for Justice for All is to attack industries where there is injustice and where we have the expertise to help those who find themselves in a simply awful position.

As part of this fight, I started a business to help those going through the divorce process. This is the second of many businesses that I will create to fight injustices. Others will follow.

At Justice For All, we fight side by side with people who are dealing with an injustice. We will battle with you every step of the way through some of the most difficult moments of your life.

Why Justice for All Divorce Relief? Let me explain.

Have you ever been blindsided by an attack at your must vulnerable time? Or had the courage to make a difficult decision but were not sure how to move forward with it?

If this is something you’ve experienced, you’ll know it takes the wind out of your sails. It’s frightening and confusing. It robs you of your confidence and debilitates you at a time when the first steps are critical.

Things only get worse once you get the distinct feeling you are looking for help in the confines of a legal gentleman’s club where you are not a member and some of those members appear not to have your best interests at heart. How do you find honest members who can actually help you?

It doesn’t help that most explanations of any legal process are full of technical jargon when what’s needed is a straightforward explanation in plain English. Without a clear understanding of the process there is no transparency, it is hard to stay in control and costs can escalate at a frightening pace.

Lawyers do not necessarily have the understanding or skills to undertake every area of work required quickly, efficiently and most importantly, correctly.

When these circumstances conspire, things can go wrong through no fault of yours. Often, the process of resolving your position successfully is too uncertain, too long, too heart-breaking, too expensive and too stressful for you and your family. Justice For All was set up to help those who find themselves in this position.

I know all too well the perils of litigation, including divorce, and the underhanded tactics used to create anxiety, self-doubt and fear.

My entrepreneurial background means I like disrupting gentleman clubs, and what’s even better is that in this case, it also means correcting an injustice. 

We will fight together to ensure a fair outcome, and you can be sure we will go at it hard, fast and fairly.

The divorce system is broken and can be unfair, but it does not need to be. 

My story

Here’s how my own experience ignited my passion for the area of divorce law, along with some of the very specific issues that I feel need addressing to ensure a fair outcome for anyone going through a divorce.

When my wife decided to divorce me, I was completely blindsided. It was clearly planned, and I was immediately on the backfoot. 

To compound matters I was returning from Australia after working through visa issues. The petition was posted to Australia, arriving when I was in transit. My wife was already in the UK with the children.

My beautiful children needed love and had special needs. This weighed heavily on my mind.

I knew that my ex-partner would never return to Australia to live so I decided I would need to live in the UK if they were to see their mother, something I believed was critical to their well-being.

Emotionally upset and drained, I was out of my depth in the UK with no family support. 

Upon my return I did not know where I could stay, when I would see the children and where I stood. I was very much on the back foot against a planned attack. Frightening letters full of legalise followed, demanding money and other actions I did not think were right or fair. I had always been a hands-on father and they were deliberately vague about when and how I would see my children. 

I engaged a high-profile legal firm as my advisors and entered into a mediation that failed, followed by a costly divorce process.

Even though my mediation failed, let me say upfront that I favour mediation whenever possible. It allows for the greatest flexibility for both parties to get what they need and find the best solution for the children. However, I learnt that to have a successful mediation and reach a fair and agreed solution in a reasonable time frame, a mediator must be able to cut through the noise using equal doses of analytical ability, creativity, caring and good old fashioned common-sense. Unfortunately, this particular combination of skills and personal attributes is not at all easy to find.

What irked me and still does was the way the lawyers cloaked the entire process in mystery by using legalise and making each step sound insurmountable and extremely difficult.

I continued but started to learn all I could about the divorce process. Still, in the early stages, the bills racked up despite me managing them fiercely. However, after many months of pointless mediation, I started to understand the process and began to redefine the roles of the advisors. 

I changed solicitors to a team who were more practical, more caring, cost effective and very straightforward to deal with. Through them I found a junior barrister who could be completely relied upon. I began to redefine the process to be more effective, less costly and quicker. I defined my role to take on work the lawyers were not suited for and became more involved.

Having learned a similar lesson from a bitter experience in an unrelated business litigation, I was able to move with speed to redefine the process. Challenging the status quo and striving for better solutions is in my DNA, never more so when I sense a broken system.

The divorce dragged on longer that it should have. My wife used expensive London lawyers who appeared to relish the fees and at times fuelled the process by delivering pointless legal requests and arguments through long winded letters. 

To say the entire process was a heart-breaking and stressful learning experience would be an absolute understatement. The frustration, agony and expense were immeasurable.  

Because I came to understand the process and what was needed, I never lost faith that the end result would be fair and reasonable. I knew where to channel my analytical abilities and use a creative process to get the end result as quickly as possible.

Nevertheless, when I reflected on the entire process, I was furious. 

Although I managed to significantly reduce my costs and steer myself towards a fair outcome, I was outraged from the outset that nobody clearly explained the process by stripping out the jargon and telling me what was needed in a straightforward way. 

I observed lawyers take on work not suited to their skill set, costing money, time and effort. This complicated matters for the worse and often muddied the waters. In a worst-case scenario, this blundering could even jeopardise a fair outcome. The gaps in lawyers’ skills were never more evident than when considerable financial acumen was required. 

I was shocked to discover just how numbers driven the financial side of divorce really is. 

Further, no one explained the actual leeway a judge has when ruling. This knowledge is critical in understanding the realistic possible outcomes and reducing the complexity and time needed to finalise the divorce. 

It is possible to build a winning team for the case in hand, but you need to be extremely careful. In my experience you need to keep a tight rein on the instructions the solicitors and barristers are provided and steer them clear of work they are not equipped to do. 

I truly believe that divorce does not need to be as difficult, stressful, slow and costly as it is. 

Sometimes an antiquated process needs an injection of creativity from outside the industry. 

We are fair, strong-minded, can do, and caring people. If we can help, we will. If we can’t we won’t try. Stopping injustice fuels us and if we can’t help we will try and point you in the right direction.

If what you’ve read appeals to you and you’re looking for guidance, please contact us. It is so emotionally debilitating, and we could just save you many months and possibly years of stress and wasted expense. 

Working together we will thwart an injustice.

– Brad Rosser

Brad Rosser —

Background, qualifications and experience.

Brad is an entrepreneur who works with other entrepreneurs and businesses, ranging from start-ups to corporates and everything in between. He’s been fortunate enough to have worked with two of the most famous entrepreneurs in the world – Virgin’s Sir Richard Branson and Australia’s Alan Bond. 

Brad’s skills come from a combination of education and experience. He has a first class bachelor degree in Accounting and Finance from the University of Western Australia, where he won the university’s highest academic honour – the Hackett Studentship. He also has an MBA with distinction, from Cornell University. Here, Brad was awarded Marshall of the Program for demonstrating the highest level of academic and leadership ability. 

Starting his career at the Bond Corporation, Brad worked alongside national icon Alan Bond in a cut-throat environment where tenacity was essential for survival. This was followed up by three years at McKinsey and Co – the world’s most prestigious management consultancy. Here’s where Brad really honed his strategic, presentation and analytical skills that have proven so useful in fighting wrongful litigation. 

Brad then joined the inner sanctum at Virgin as Head of Corporate Development for the Virgin Group, where he was effectively Sir Richard Branson’s right-hand man for all new start-ups. This was a pivotal time for Virgin as it embarked on an aggressive campaign to enter new industries. Working directly with Richard, Brad oversaw the launch of Virgin Active, Virgin Direct, and Virgin Vie, amongst others.  

Since then Brad has gone on to work in a huge range of industries, from health to property, finance, charity and more. 

His practical, results-focused approach, straight talking and hands on attitude have made him successful at building and growing businesses. His tenacity, fighting spirit and willingness to challenge the status quo makes him equally successful at defending them.