About us.

A unique combination of
skills and experience to set you free.

Most lawyers do not have the varied range of skills and experience needed to ensure a fair and reasonable divorce settlement, but we do. Our unique combination of skills can be put to work for the benefit of you and your children to finalise the divorce arrangements and allow you to move on with your life with peace of mind.

We care and are passionate about helping people. We are sensitive to the situation and very aware that you are likely to be highly emotional at a time when very significant decisions are being made. We look objectively and search relentlessly for fair and reasonable outcomes.

The outcome for the children is critical and at all times we look to protect the children’s interest and their well-being for the immediate and long term. We have the skills and knowledge to work through the children solutions including securing their financial future.

Our technical skills allow us to identify, analyse and present the financial information required in a totally accurate, compelling, straightforward way to ensure a fair settlement across the board. Our specialist financial ability means we look to solutions that protect assets and wealth. We are also able to analyse, prepare and select the critical evidence to support your arguments in the case of a court process.

Our entrepreneurial backgrounds make us street smart, creative and quickly able to identify critical issues. In a mediation we use both our business acumen and creativity to help develop the best possible win/win settlement options to resolve the divorce as quickly as possible to each party’s satisfaction. The combination of free thinking and analytical ability means we can table a powerful offer for the court to consider in a court process. The unique tools we have developed greatly assist both processes. We will not be bullied, and nor will you.

We are a powerful force to have in your corner, especially when our negotiation skills are combined with our first-class analytical skills, perfected at some of the finest organisations in the world from Virgin Group Corporate to McKinsey and Co.

We are not lawyers.

This means we’re equipped with some very useful skills that most lawyers don’t have:

  • The street smarts to get to the issues quickly and efficiently with minimum fuss.

  • The power to build a winning team if needed.

  • We will not be intimidated. You can’t frighten us off with tough talk or legalese.

  • The commercial analytical knowledge required to quickly understand, complex financial structures to understand the picture they paint.

  • Tenacity from cutting our teeth in the entrepreneurial world where you don’t take no for an answer. This combined with the typical entrepreneurial trait to find creative solutions distinguishes us. This is equally true for children and financial matters.

  • Familiarity with challenging the status quo. We don’t just accept things the way they are.

  • The drive to find a lasting solution for the children which secures their future.

We’ve been
where you are,
and we succeeded —

Putting our experience to work
for the benefit of others.


Just like you, we’ve been through divorce, and we successfully found a solution. The practical experience we gained is invaluable to anyone in the same situation. 

We were shocked by how misunderstood the process is, how it is cloaked in mystery and in actual fact how straightforward the entire process should be. We can save you costs and time because we know the system, we understand the critical factors for success, and we know what it takes to get the job done. 

The critical part is to enable parties to finalise the divorce as quickly and fairly as possible so they can get on with the rest of their lives with peace of mind.

Get in touch and we’ll quickly assess if we’re the right fit to get you through this temporary setback and back into the world where you belong, with your children protected and your sanity intact.